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Become a co-protector of the endangered tropical dry forest in Ecuador through Finca Pinguino's Adopt-a-Tree project.

Our farm is a part of a larger ecosystem that is among the most endangered ones in the world. While the Amazon rainforest still has about 80 percent of its original forest intact, the coastal forest in Ecuador only has 2 percent left.

At the same time, the coastal forest in Ecuador is even more biodiverse than the Amazon and has some of the highest levels of endemism in the world. If nothing is done to protect the forest, it might be gone in just a few decades. 

Through this project, the families in our community get the chance to become protectors of their native forest with the help of you, the co-protectors.

By adopting trees from these families you give them an incentive not to cut down old trees and at the same time to plant and protect endangered native trees on their land.

How does it work?

With your donations, we will pay families in our community a monthly reward for preserving all the ancient trees on their land, and for planting and maintaining more endangered native trees. We also provide them with organic compost and fertilizer as well as workshops about sustainability.

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