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Vetiver (500 Slips)

Vetiver (500 Slips)


Vetiver slips are a type of plant that is well-known for its incredible ability to stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and promote healthy growth. Our Vetiver slips are carefully selected and grown using sustainable and organic practices, ensuring that they are healthy, robust, and ready to thrive in your garden or landscape.


Our Vetiver slips are perfect for those who want to take a natural and eco-friendly approach to soil erosion control. Vetiver plants have a deep and dense root system that helps to stabilize soil and prevent erosion, even on steep slopes or areas with heavy rainfall. They also help to improve soil quality by increasing organic matter and promoting microbial activity.


We offer Vetiver slips in a range of quantities to suit any project, from small-scale erosion control to large-scale land restoration. Our team can provide advice on planting and maintenance, as well as tips on how to maximize the benefits of Vetiver for your specific needs.


So why wait? Take a natural and sustainable approach to soil erosion control with our Vetiver slips today!

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