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What is Vermiculture?

Vermiculture, aka worm composting, is a method of using the digestive power of worms to speed up the natural process of decomposition. Worms divert food waste into nutrient-rich valuable soil away from landfills, reduce the release of methane into the atmosphere, and improve the quality of your garden, with very little investment of time and money.

Worm Systems

We have researched, tested, and created three types of worm systems. They are cost-effective, easy to use, and will generate an impressive yield for your project, whether that be a small herb garden in a city apartment, a garden in a backyard, or a working farm.

Worm Tower System
Arguably the simplest system on the market. This product is ideal for direct garden applications. This system sits in your garden bed, giving the worms access to your soil. The worms come to the tower to feed and then move through your soil leaving a trail of fertilizer behind them. $15


Bucket System

This system allows you to collect two kinds of fantastic fertilizer for your garden:


Worm fertilizer: You can collect this liquid fertilizer every other day by opening the tap or simply lifting the top bucket, and you can add this directly into your garden by mixing it at 1:10 with water.


Worm Casting: The solid fertilizer that will be ready after 3 months; you can also add this directly into your garden. $40


Raised Bed System
This system is ideal for bigger gardens and large-scale projects. Similar to the Bucket System, this bed allows you to obtain both worm tea and worm castings, however at much larger quantities. $200


Compost Fertilizer
We sell 1-liter bottles of our compost fertilizer for direct application into your garden. This is an incredible fertilizer and will enrich your soil. $10/Liter


Worm Starter ($25/$40)
We provide a starter pack of worms with bedding, sold either by the half-pound $25 or full pound $40.

You can use this either as a one-time direct application into your garden or with your own worm system. We do recommend you have a worm system in place if buying the starter since worms will not regenerate without a feeding system.


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